Imagine Nation – Peace & Computerized Jury’s

A weekly blog from the pen of PJ Shield.
I am now in my 80’s and despite my 9 books published to date and my Radio and TV programs ( ) I have never created a blog until NOW!
I awoke this morning with the idea of creating a new ‘Nation’.
Years ago in Australia I recall a land owner who decided to secede from the government of Australia and created his own ‘country’ within a country – with his own currency, postage and passports. I often wonder how that all ended!
The memory did however prompt me to consider creating my own ‘nation’, one that I would like to call the “Imagine Nation”…… in cyberspace!
In my ‘Nation’ we will create every conceivable power, service and product that the Imagination can create. Someone once said that “ if you can conceive it you can achieve it!” Time alone will tell.
Peace in our time would sit firmly at the top of any list; so let’s start there! By the way I have numbered these so you can reference them in your comments and suggestions.
The United Nations is a body that despite the good intentions the founders may have had – it does in my opinion very little to achieve world peace.
1. Let’s set up a representative body consisting of someone from every nation on our planet with the power to end all conflicts and disputes whether internal or international – all members would have to pass an eligibility exam which showed they were free of any religious or racial bias; have reached at least a high school level of education in their country of origin and not have a last name that begins with T, or ends with P! (sorry about that – just kidding!)
2. Remember the old TV cartoon series “Thunderbirds are GO”? We need a real life version of them!
3. Perhaps we could design a computer that could resolve all disputes?
4. Could a computer one day replace our jury system! That way your wealth, public image or influence could not get in the way of deciding whether or not you killed your wife and her visiting friend? The defense and the prosecution would feed their evidence into a central computer and the decision/judgment would be printed out for the Judge to read!
5. All aircraft would be fitted with a simple ‘loJack’ tracking system that meant that we ALWAYS knew where the aircraft was!
I hope you get the idea and join me in creating our own special “Imagine Nation”


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