ImagineNation 2 – Health care.

INTRO: A weekly blog from the pen of PJ Shield.
I am now in my 80’s and despite my 9 books published to date and my Radio and TV programs ( ) I have never created a blog until NOW!
I awoke one morning with the idea of creating a new ‘Nation’.
Years ago in Australia I recall a land owner who decided to secede from the government of Australia and created his own ‘country’ within a country – with his own currency, postage and passports. I often wonder how that all ended!
The memory did however prompt me to consider creating my own ‘nation’, one that I would like to call the “Imagine Nation”…… in cyberspace!
In my ‘Nation’ we will create every conceivable power, service and product that the Imagination can create. Someone once said that “ if you can conceive it you can achieve it!” Time alone will tell.

Imagine Nation 2

In my Imagine Nation, Health care would be a priority! Treatment and Hospitalization would be FREE. All doctors and surgeons would be paid by the state on a sliding scale depending on their qualifications! These funds would be available by diverting the funds that are currently spent on foreign support.(Not I stress defense!) Private hospitals could exist for those in a position to pay for them!

This will upset a lot of people – I will put a cap on earnings from whatever source. No one will be allowed to earn an annual income that exceeds 20 times the average wage!

So if the average wage is $35,000 p.a. – the top income allowed would be $700,000 period!

Sorry sport stars,movie stars,pop stars and TV and music giants!

No individual tax would apply however all income in excess of the $700,000.00 would be applied to fund the Nations economy (health,defense,education, etc.)

Is that imaginative or what?




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