ImagineNation – Gun Control!

INTRO: A weekly blog from the pen of PJ Shield.
I am now in my 80’s and despite my 9 books published to date and my Radio and TV programs ( ) I have never created a blog until NOW!
I awoke one morning with the idea of creating a new ‘Nation’.
Years ago in Australia I recall a land owner who decided to secede from the government of Australia and created his own ‘country’ within a country – with his own currency, postage and passports. I often wonder how that all ended!
The memory did however prompt me to consider creating my own ‘nation’, one that I would like to call the “Imagine Nation”…… in cyberspace!
In my ‘Nation’ we will create every conceivable power, service and product that the Imagination can create. Someone once said that “ if you can conceive it you can achieve it!” Time alone will tell.

Imagine Nation 3.

I am having so much fun with this blog however I am greatly disappointed that so few of you have chosen to ‘comment’! Please get your thinking caps on and and help me create this imaginary world that we all know will Never happen!

Today I want to direct my thoughts to my dear friend Greg in Australia who I have heard so little from until he joined our ‘Nation’ yesterday! Thanks Greg and welcome. ? His role in the Australian Police force prompted my thoughts.

1.No question or discussion – ban all Assault and Military style weapons! Period!

2. In the USA our constitutional right to bear arms should relate back to the arms we had when the law was passed! Want an assault weapon? – get a Gatling gun!

3. Now here is a great idea. We reintroduce the Duel! This, in the Imagine Nation would be an annual event and only members of the NRA (Brave men that they are) – could take part – in fact I think we should make participation compulsory!

We could hold the ‘shoot offs’ in stadiums a bit like our Roman ancestors. It could even become part of the Olympics! Dear Donald (Trump that is) could host the event!

To steel an idea from my good friend Milt Larson (Of Magic Castle fame)- it could also be held at the annual get together of the KKK and the NAACP!

Now if this doesn’t get your creative juices flowing – nothing will!!!



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